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Are the Google app splash screens a good idea?

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Maybe you’ve noticed that some of your favorite Google apps now have splash screens. The screens are simply the app icon with Google written under it. It seems backwards, reducing app loading speeds just to show us the same icon we clicked on, but Google might have a method to its madness.

With Microsoft releasing apps on Android, like the just released Office for Android, Google is facing some competition when it comes to apps and cloud services. The splash screens are a push for brand recognition, reminding people that the services they’re using are Google services. In fact, the material design guidelines specify the use of branded splash screens for improving brand recognition.

The downside is, of course, app loading times get longer. You have to wait for the splash screen to disappear before using the app. And even if it’s under a second, that’s a significant delay that many users will not appreciate. We bought high-end devices for quick app loading, didn’t we? What is your opinion on these new splash screens? Leave a comment!

Source: Forbes

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