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Google app may soon gain offline “Ok, Google” capabilities


The “Ok, Google” hotword is already pretty great, letting you quickly look up information, check the weather, and more. But some new code suggests that Google is going to soon make the hotword even better.

The folks at Android Police dug into the latest version of the Google app, v4.8 that rolled out just a few days ago, and found references to offline support for the “Ok, Google” hotword and just tapping the microphone. According to the strings, you’ll be able to tell your phone to “Make a call,” “Send a text,” “Play some music,” and “Turn on Wi-Fi.”

Obviously the offline commands are a bit limited now, but there’s nothing stopping Google from adding more in the future. And hey, having a limited number of offline voice commands is better than having none at all.

The code for the newest Google app hint at a few other new features as well. For example, there are warnings for when you’re connected to an insecure network, voice commands for changing volume and brightness, and a Google Now card that can tell you when you’ve got a Google Cast going with the option to disconnect it.

It’s good to see Google continuing to improve on its main app for Android and adding handy new features. Unfortunately, it’s not clear when any of the goodies hinted at in this code will actually launch to the public, if they do at all, but at least we’ve gotten a taste of what’s to come thanks to today’s leak.

Source: Android Police

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