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Google Earth celebrates its 10th birthday with new Voyager feature


Happy birthday, Google Earth! It was 10 years ago today, way back in 2005, when Google Earth was first released. In that time, it has become a powerful tool that aids in the way we view the Earth and its many beautiful landscapes, right from our very browser. Today, to celebrate Google Earth’s birthday, the team behind the project is announcing a new feature called Voyager.

Available only in the desktop version of Google Earth for now, Voyager is a new way to explore the most interesting places on Earth. Voyager works something like a virtual tour of select, interesting regions of the globe, letting you see everything from the ground to the sky. Available as a layer, Voyager uses five tools that work together to bring you a new way to see the world. The tools include:

  • Street View: highlights from Street View, including the Taj Mahal and the Grand Canyon
  • Earth View: striking landscapes around the globe as seen from space
  • 3D cities: a showcase of cities and towns available in photorealistic 3D (don’t forget to tilt!)
  • Satellite imagery updates: a map of our most recently published satellite imagery
  • Highlight tour: with thousands of Voyager locations to choose from, take a quick tour of a few to whet your appetite

Along with Voyager, the Google Earth team also announced they’re, “expanding the Earth View collection to 1,500 landscapes from every continent and ocean and making it accessible to even more people.”

Here’s to ten more years of Google Earth. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Source: Google Blog

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