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Google makes changes to reduce accidental clicks on mobile ads

Google Ads

The Internet is an incredible blessing, but one of the bingest drawbacks is the enormous amount of advertising found within it. When using a mobile device, those ads become even more of a pain point, as your fingers have far less accuracy and control than a mouse. Google is working to improve the experience for mobile users by making some changes to its mobile ads that are designed to reduce the number of accidental clicks.

From now on, clicks on the border of an image will be blocked, as a vast number of accidental clicks come from users trying to swipe the image away to view different content. On in-app ads, clicks on the app icon will now be blocked, as the close button for the ad rests on the top corner of the icon, leading to a large amount of accidental clicks from users attempting to close the ad. Finally, there’s now a clickability delay with mobile ads, meaning that they can’t be clicked on until they’ve been on-screen for a couple seconds. This will help to reduce accidental clicks from users who didn’t expect to see an ad appear.

These moves are smart, as they provide a better experience for consumers as well as advertisers, who can now get more accurate clickthrough stats and better conversion rates. The changes are now in effect, so you should begin seeing better results soon enough.

Source: Google

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