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T-Mobile Jump On Demand available now in a store near you


After announcing its new Jump On Demand phone leasing program late last week, T-Mobile is officially ready to start signing customers up for the program in retail stores.

Jump On Demand is essentially a retooling of T-Mobile’s original Jump program that allows Magenta users to lease phones for a monthly fee, and swap them out for a little variety. Jump On Demand allows T-Mo users to switch phones up to three times per year, and does away with any extra fees, or insurance charges, like the original Jump plan.

Under the new Jump On Demand program, a full Jump On Demand period lasts 18 months, after which users must decide to either put their 18 months of payments towards the final retail price of a phone or switch it out and keep paying a monthly fee. So there is a rent-to-own option that won’t have you paying more than what the phone’s worth, but T-Mobile really wants to see users trying and returning as many phones as possible.

For those who wants to always get their hands on the latest and greatest Android phones T-Mobile has to offer, Jump On Demand is a great, safe way to do that. Just think, in one year, you could own a Galaxy S6, LG G4, and Note 5. Head to your local T-Mobile store if Jump On Demand interests you.

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