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Microsoft releases Android launcher in private beta

Microsoft Arrow Launcher beta

There are thousands of launchers for Android, many of which are the same old recycled designs with nothing unique to add to the mix. Some are very unique. You could even say too unique, because they cease to be functional. And of course, there are a few gems that we all love and use every day.

Microsoft is trying to get into the launcher game, and its attempt is actually a pretty good one. It’s called Arrow Launcher and it’s launched in a private beta, but it’s already looking nice. It has three pages that you cannot edit. The first is People, which will allow you to interact with your contacts and even bring up a dialer. The next is Apps, which you can figure out on your own. And the last is Notes and Reminders, where you can add stuff you need to remember.

The dock at the bottom is very traditional, but swiping up on it reveals some of your frequently used apps. I don’t know about you guys, but I love the layout. No fancy widgets, just utilitarian and seemingly very useful. I especially like the Notes and Reminders page. What do you guys think? Leave a comment!

Source: Microsoft News

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