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ALCATEL ONETOUCH introduces white model of Watch


When you think smartwatch, you’re likely to either think Android Wear or Apple Watch. Of course, they’re the two main platforms and probably the two best ones (although the Pebble definitely deserves consideration). But there are a few other systems out there that might be worth your time.

ALCATEL ONETOUCH just released the white version of the Watch, a smartwatch that works with both Android and iOS devices. It’s a fairly slim, classy round watch with a mostly round display in the center. There is a small space on the bottom where it’s flat, like the Moto 360, but this one is more prominent.

The Watch will display notifications, music controls, and act as a fitness tracker like most smartwatches do these days. And it will allegedly work for 2-5 days on one charge, according to the company. It’s a pretty cool device, and is now available for $149.99. Hit the source link for more details!


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