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AT&T raising upgrade fees again, adding activation fee

image AT&T announcing

AT&T is at it again! In an attempt to make more money, the carrier has upped many of the fees associated with getting a new device and plan. The current $40 activation fee on the old contract plans will be raised to $45 starting August 1, making it the highest activation fee of any US carrier.

Of course, that’s somewhat understandable. Raise activation fees, tell customers that there are no activation fees with AT&T Next plans, and you get more Next customers. It’s what the carrier wants, right? Apparently not, as AT&T has also imposed a $15 activation fee on Next plans.

All of this madness starts August 1, so get your upgrade done soon (or, you know, leave AT&T if you can). It’s just more money that you have to give to the carrier so that they get your service.

Via: Droid-Life

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