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BlackBerry is snatching up Android-related domains


Want a little more proof that BlackBerry could very well be on the verge of releasing its own Android device? According to some new Whois records, BlackBerry Limited just recently purchased both AndroidSecured.com and .net. At this point we’d be more surprised if BlackBerry doesn’t release an Android phone than if they do.

Rumors surrounding an Android-powered BlackBerry have been swirling on and off for years now. Things have recently started to heat up again with some substantial leaks from none other than @evleaks himself, among other rumors and reports. According to recent gossip, BlackBerry’s first Android device is being called the Venice right now, and features a sliding QWERTY keyboard. A beautiful, old-school-but-still-highly-effective keyboard.

Other rumors surrounding BlackBerry and Android have pointed towards the company using security as a selling point. If BlackBerry’s purchase of AndroidSecured.com and .net means anything, then it looks like those rumors are right on the money.

Via: Android Police

Source: TheDomains

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