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BlackBerry teams up with Google to bring mobile security to the workplace

BlackBerry Google Partnership

BlackBerry has long been struggling to succeed. It used to be the most popular enterprise phone, with leading security and features for the workplace. Every businessman had a BlackBerry! But with the advances of iOS and Android, BlackBerry devices have been forgotten and the company has not been able to rekindle its past success.

There are rumors that BlackBerry is making an Android device with a classic BB keyboard, but there is no guarantee that the new hardware will succeed. So it looks like BlackBerry is also pursing a different path to success, and this one might be very smart.

BlackBerry has announced that it has partnered with Google to improve the enterprise space, starting with allowing BES12 to be used on Android Lollipop. BES12 is BlackBerry’s enterprise software which will now integrate with Google Play for Work, making both services are more useful and Android safer in a business environment.

This is a great idea and I think the companies expertise in the enterprise business will allow it to succeed working with Google. It’s about time BlackBerry does something smart! What do yout hink of this partnership? Leave a comment!

Source: BlackBerry

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