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Buy an LG G4 in July and get a free leather back, second battery and charging cradle


LG isn’t being shy about the promos with the G4 this year. The earliest adopters were treated to a microSD card, second battery and a charging cradle. (Quick PSA: If you didn’t redeem that offer already and bought a G4 between May 22 and June 30, you have until the July 14 to head here and do so.) For July, anyone that buys the G4 will be eligible for a free limited edition leather back, a second battery and a charging cradle.

You have your choice of five different colors for the back, and while I am sure they have wonderfully obscure names for the colors, I will go ahead and call them yellow, pink, aqua, orange and maroon. The battery is 3000mAh, and it’s an advantage that LG is almost alone in offering at this point with Samsung moving away from the removable back. The charging cradle is just slightly larger than the battery itself and seems like a nice little storage for your second battery when it’s not in use. LG estimates the whole package is worth $140, and while if you were paying for it you might quibble over that number, it’s free, so no whining.

It’s definitely been a good time to be an Android consumer of late, with quite a few companies going at it to win us over and steal some of that market share away from Samsung, or in the case of Samsung, defend that spot at the top.

Anyone eyeing an LG G4 purchase this month feel swayed by the deal?

Source: LG Promo Offer

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