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Facebook’s new News Feed will let users prioritize posts, unfollow friends’ posts and more

Facebook new News Feed view

For those that use Facebook on a regular basis and are tired of having to sift through an endless sea of posts before getting to “the good stuff,” the social networking giant is giving you some tweaking powers.

On Thursday, July 9, Facebook officially unveiled some new preferences for its News Feed, all of which are focused on giving more power to the user. With the new preferences, Facebook users will have four options to choose from: prioritize, unfollow, reconnect, and discover. Facebook’s goal here is to let users figure out what they want to see in their News Feed, while also letting them disconnect or reconnect with people they want more easily.

As one might expect, the prioritization option will let users choose which friends or Pages they want to show up at the top of their News Feed when they open it up. So, new content from those individuals, companies, brands, or whatever else will always show up first, rather than it be buried beneath posts that might have shown up hours before. There will even be a star next to those posts to make the user aware of their special place.

The new preferences will let users unfollow posts and pages as well, without forcing the user to unlike the content altogether. There’s a list that will populate within the app now which will let users see the people or pages that they’ve unfollowed, and give the users an option to reconnect with them if they so choose.

With discovery a big part of the Internet these days, it’s no real surprise that a Discovery section in Facebook’s app is available, too. With this, Facebook will suggest pages, brands, bands, artists, businesses or whatever else Facebook thinks you might like.

The new preferences for Facebook’s News Feed is rolling out first to iOS, beginning today. Facebook says the new feature will hit Android and desktop users “in the coming weeks.”

Source: Facebook Newsroom

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