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Google bringing innovative new ways for automatic data transfer

Google Nearby Eddystone API

If Google does one thing well, it’s innovate. The company constantly comes up with cool new stuff to show off, and even if a lot of it doesn’t come to fruition (or doesn’t succeed, which is another problem), it’s always cool and potentially useful. It often leads to fantastic products as well, so it works out for Google in the end.

The latest stuff Google is showing off is two new methods of wireless communications for two different purposes. The first is called Nearby, a new API that allows devices to communicate among each other using WiFi, Bluetooth, and even inaudible sounds produced by the smartphone’s speaker and picked up by the mic. It can be integrated into apps to share things locally among strangers. No complicated steps to pair devices or enter codes, just share to people around you.

The second is Eddystone, which is an open Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon format. Basically, these beacons use BLE to send information to your device. They can be used for everything from museum tour info at specific areas to finding your bags at the airport. Existing BLE beacons can be updated for use with Eddystone, and the format is open source and available for everyone to use.

The Eddystone format works with the Nearby API, and the two should change the way we interact with the people and the environment around is. I think these systems could be very helpful in every day life! Let us know your opinion on these new ideas and hit the source links for more info from Google!

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