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Google puts up page for Chromecast Ethernet adapter

Google Chromecast Ethernet adapter

The Chromecast is the best way to smarten your TV, allowing you to watch all sorts of content through your phone on the big screen. But it does require WiFi, so those with poor WiFi connections have been out of luck so far. But surprisingly, Google has put up a page for a Chromecast Ethernet adapter on the Google Store.

With no announcement, we got a look at the new Ethernet adapter. It’s basically a power cable with no detachable wall adapter, and the Ethernet port is built into the wall plug piece. This will allow you to plug the device straight into your router for optimal connection.

Unfortunately, it’s out of stock at the moment. Whenever it goes for sale, it will be $15. It’s a third of the price of the Chromecast, but definitely manageable. Are any of you getting this adapter? Leave a comment!

Source: Google Store

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