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Last minute Moto X rumor points towards massive battery life


The official unveiling of the 2015 Moto X is just a day away now, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have time for a few last minute rumors. According to HelloMotoHK, who has a good track record of reporting on Motorola rumors, the new Moto X could boast ridiculous battery life.

In a Google+ post, HelloMotoHK details the new Moto X as having a 5.5-inch FHD (as opposed to QHD) display, Snapdragon 808 processor and a 3600+mAh battery. The choice to go with 1080p and use a new, optimized Snapdragon, combined with that huge battery, means there is a very good chance that if these specs are true, the new Moto X should easily last a couple days on a single charge.

Other details on the device shared today include a 21MP main camera, 5MP front-facing camera, dual-SIM capabilities, SIM + MicroSD and Android 5.1.1. But we gotta admit, all we can think about is that sweet, sweet battery life.

In just over 24 hours now, we’ll know just how much of this rumor is true. We can’t wait.

Via: Droid-Life

Source: HelloMotoHK

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