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More information on Google Glass Enterprise Edition Leak


For a few weeks now, 9to5Google has been leaking a steady stream of information on the latest version of Google Glass set be released in the near future, called Google Glass Enterprise Edition. Today, the blog has released a new set of leaked information on the wearable with hardware details and how it will be positioned in the market.

As stated above, the next release of Google Glass is set to be released under the name Google Glass Enterprise Edition. Google has apparently seen less promise in the consumer market for Glass at the moment, and wants to focus on enterprise where Glass could be used in industries like infrastructure and healthcare.

As such, the Enterprise Edition of Google Glass will be more durable, foldable, and water resistant. Physically, it will look almost identical to the original Google Glass. But along with those small design tweaks, Glass Enterprise Edition will also have a faster CPU, bigger prism for better viewing and better battery life.

For those that are excited by the promise of what Google Glass Enterprise Edition means for consumers, don’t get too riled up yet. Apparently, individual units of the device may end up never seeing a retail release, with Google only selling the device though a Glass for Work program.

If even half of these leaks and rumors are true, Google Glass still has quite an interesting road ahead of it.

Source: 9to5Google

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