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NVIDIA SHIELD Portable updated to Android 5.1, adds Chromecast support


While the SHIELD Portable is now twice removed as the latest SHIELD device on the block, NVIDIA certainly hasn’t forgotten about those that got on board the SHIELD bandwagon early.

Today an optional update for the SHIELD Portable is going out that updates the device to Android 5.1 Lollipop. Beyond the OS update it adds support for Chromecast or any Google Cast Ready device, updates the Twitch app to the latest version, and fixes a bug that was preventing people from reading Google Play Books. (Although the SHIELD Portable would be an odd choice for that pastime.)

Unfortunately some features and apps have to go with the update as well due to support issues. Miracast will be removed from your device along with Sonic 4, Episode II, Expendable: Rearmed and the Android Browser.

The Chromecast support alone seems worth the price of admission to me, but mainly I’m just pleased to see NVIDIA continue its strong track record with updating the SHIELD devices.

Any SHIELD Portable owners out there already take the plunge on the update?

Source: NVIDIA

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