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OnePlus 2 camera gets an early hands on review

OnePlus 2 VR experience

OnePlus is definitely a mixed bag when it comes to its promotional decision making, but it’s hard to argue with this move as they turned to Marques Brownlee, a.k.a. MKBHD, to deliver an early review of the camera on the OnePlus 2. The phone is due to be fully unveiled in virtual reality, and actual reality, on July 27th and MKBHD is staying silent on anything else regarding the device at the moment, but you can check out his take on the camera below.

The video is definitely worth checking out, as MKBHD takes you through a variety of shooting scenarios and modes displaying the output for reach, then wraps up with a number of comparison photos with the current crop of high-end phones. He was clear that it wasn’t going to unseat any of the current flagships in the camera department — Galaxy S6 and LG G4 are secure with those crowns for now — but all in all he thought it was decent and offered an overall B+ to A-.

As for some of the specifics on the camera, it’s a 13MP camera on the back of the phone and uses a constant f/2.0, which is a step down from either the Galaxy S6 (f/1.9) or LG G4 (f/1.8). Low light appeared to be the weakest point for the OnePlus 2, but that’s true for most smartphones,  so this is hardly a significant knock against it.

Video was a high point with MKBHD praising the 4K that it turned out, although lack of optical image stabilization (OIS) renders it a bit shaky at times. It also offers slow motion video at 720 if you like playing with that kind of thing.

If you are considering the OnePlus 2 then take the 7 minutes when you have a chance and watch the video, because MKBHD does a nice job as always. Once you’ve watched, let us know how you think the results from the OnePlus 2 stack up.

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