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OnePlus Cardboard VR headset now available for free, but you have to cover shipping


OnePlus is going to show off the OnePlus 2 in virtual reality, letting everyone feel like they’re standing in front of a crowd at an event. And to make sure everyone can take part, OnePlus is giving away its own Google Cardboard-style hardware, which you can now order.

OnePlus Cardboard can now be had for the low, low cost of free, but you’re going to have to cover the shipping for the VR headset. That’ll cost $5 in the US, £5 in the UK, and €7 in Europe. OnePlus says that orders will begin shipping on July 10.

The OnePlus Cardboard will also be available in India starting in the third week of July. Pricing will be set at Rs. 99.

OnePlus says that its Cardboard is built using Google’s latest specifications as well as “stronger, thicker material and added high-quality velcro” as well as a film that repels dirt and oils to prevent “forehead stain.” The unit will fit “most” phones up to six inches in size.

OnePlus hasn’t said how long it’ll sell Cardboard, but because the company says that it’s losing money on the VR headset, we can’t imagine that it’ll be around for an extended period of time. If you want to take part in the OnePlus 2’s VR debut, or you just want a cheap VR headset, you’d better grab one soon.

Source: OnePlus

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