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OnePlus explains invite system for OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 invite system

If you tried to get a OnePlus One back when it was first announced, you know how much of a pain the invite system was. OnePlus says it received “some less-positive feedback” about the system, but that’s an understatement. It brought out serious frustration in people, to the point where some gave up on the device.

However, the company says that the invite system has been improved this time around. Yes, it’s sticking around for the OnePlus 2. But the production will be upped 30-50x due to the demand last time. This means you’ll get an invite faster. There will also be a reservation list to get in line for an invite, which means less work for you.

When you finally get your device, you’ll be able to give invites out to your friends faster than last time as well. Hopefully you’ll be able to get your device in a reasonable amount of time, though. The pains of the last go at the invite system haven’t been forgotten just yet. Do you plan to get a OnePlus 2? Leave a comment!

Source: OnePlus

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