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Razer to pay OUYA’s debts to developers despite not having to


When Razer bought OUYA, the company basically acquired the team, the platform, and the assets of OUYA. This did not include anything else, like OUYA’s Free the Games initiative. This is where the problems began.

The Free the Games initiative sought to pay developers $1 million in total to encourage them to deliver for the OUYA, which a lot of developers jumped on. Unfortunately, OUYA still owed $600k of that money to developers who were working to meet all the criteria. When Razer purchased the company, the money stopped flowing.

Thankfully, Razer is handling it in a fantastic way. The details are still not concrete, but the CEO Min-Liang Tan said Razer will pay the amount owed to those developers as long as they keep developing for the Razer Forge TV, which is also¬†powered by¬†Android, which means that not much will change. Razer did not have any obligation to pay, but it’s great to see the company taking care of the developers.

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