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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 could be introduced earlier than its predecessors

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Good news, friends! The Galaxy Note 5 could be here even sooner than expected!

A new report claims that Samsung has decided to introduce the Galaxy Note 5 in mid-August, a few weeks earlier than the early September debut that we’ve seen with past Galaxy Note phones. That’s according to a source speaking to The Wall Street Journal, who claims that Samsung wants to give its next Note more time in the spotlight before Apple introduces its next iPhone models.

Like it or not, Apple’s new iPhones typically dominate the media for the weeks following their debut. In the past, that’s meant that the new Galaxy Note phones got as little as just a few days to dominate the headlines before Apple stole the Samsung phablet’s thunder. A launch in mid-August would mean more time for the new Note to shine, and hey, we sure wouldn’t mind getting to check out the Note 5 earlier than expected.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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