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Samsung is looking to put an 11K mobile display on devices by 2018


As we sit here in 2015 arguing whether the move to Quad HD displays was warranted versus the still pleasant-looking (and battery-preserving) 1080p, Samsung is already two moves ahead of us with plans for an 11K mobile display by 2018.

Now before you dismiss this as complete lunacy — it is certainly pushing beyond the realm of pixel density that the human eye can appreciate — hear out the rational. The assertion is that at this resolution a near-3D effect becomes possible, naturally without the use of glasses or other trickery. Having seen a number of 8K screens at CES over the years, I can say that I’m inclined to believe that is possible. Samsung isn’t going this alone; it is in a partnership with 13 other companies and even has a substantial investment from the South Korean government for the project.

Of course, all of this leaves open the question of whether such a thing is desirable. Regardless of the possibility of it, 3D in any form hasn’t exactly been a huge triumph on mobile or with TVs. Does an 11K screen on a mobile device sound compelling to you, and if so, how do you see them taking advantage of it?

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Source: Electronic Times

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