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Samsung’s latest monitor comes with a built-in wireless charger


Qi wireless charging support is almost certainly not at the top of anyone’s list of priorities when buying a new monitor. But Samsung is hoping to change that with the SE370, the “world’s first wireless mobile charging monitor.”

The Samsung SE370 is a 1080p PLS monitor that comes with either a 23.6 or 27-inch display. Other features include a 4ms response time as well as energy efficiency and eye-strain reducing modes, but that’s not what makes the SE370 unique. In the base of the monitor, Samsung has embedded a Qi wireless charger for charging all compatible smartphones.

Samsung is selling the wireless charging feature as convenient — which it is. And as an organizational tool, helping to keep cords off your desk — which it does. So if your prioritize those two features in a monitor or home office setup, be sure to keep the SE370 in mind. Complete release details on the SE370 have yet to be released, but we’ll be sure to update you once they have.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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