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Soundfreaq and G-Project joining in on Amazon Prime Day

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Thanks to Amazon, we will soon get to participate in the new “holiday” of Prime Day. Prime Day is a sort of Black Friday for Amazon Prime subscribers that will let you get in on some awesome deals on July 15.

To celebrate Prime Day, Soundfreaq and G-Project are planning to put a few of their speakers on sale. You guys probably know that the duo of brands is close to my heart, and I use at least one of their speakers pretty much daily. And one of my favorite speakers is going on sale!

The Soundfreaq Double Spot will be 50 percent off, priced at $75 from $150. The G-Project G-Grip, a really durable speaker, will be 33 percent off at $46.90. The G-Project G-GO will be 33 percent off at $40.20. And the Soundfreaq Pocket Kick, my absolute favorite, will be 25 percent off at $59. Less than $60 for a small speaker with big sound and 10 hours of battery life is a great deal.

If you’re interested in any of these deals, check out the source links come Prime Day. It’s happening tomorrow so be prepared to spend some money!

Soundfreaq Double Spot (black)
Soundfreaq Double Spot (white/wood)
Soundfreaq Pocket Kick (black)
Soundfreaq Pocket Kick (platinum)
Soundfreaq Pocket Kick (gold)
G-Project G-GRIP
G-Project G-GO

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