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Sprint’s new Family Share Pack offers four lines with shared 10GB for $100, 40GB for $120


Sprint has seen fit that the mobile market needs another family plan, and so the Now Network has debuted a brand new Family Share Pack to compete with the other major wireless carriers.

This new offer is for four lines that offers unlimited talk and text, while throwing in 10GB of high-speed data that is shared between those four lines. All of that can be had for $100 per month. The family that might need a bit more data for each person, though, can opt to pay $20 more per month — $120 — to get 40GB of shared data per month. Sprint is also offering to waive the per-line access fee for all of the lines as long as you’re paying for the plan.

The catch here is that to sign up for this Family Share Pack, you’ll need to switch four lines to Sprint and then pick up a phone through Sprint Lease or Sprint Easy Pay. To help the switchers out, Sprint is offering to pay off the contracts and old phones, as long as the switchers trade in their old devices at the same time.

The new Family Share Pack launches on Friday, July 31.

What do you think of the new plan from the Now Network?

Source: Sprint

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