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Television Academy adopts Chromecast as screening standard


RIP DVD, long live Chromecast. Today, the Television Academy has announced a partnership with Google that will provide Emmy voters with Chromecasts and a custom app for watching Emmy considerations.

Producing and sending out DVDs of shows for Emmy voters to consider was not only a huge waste of money, it was a waste of resources and a perfect source for pirates to obtain and redistribute content. Now, with Google and Chromecast, the Television Academy will save money, cut back on waste and hopefully curb piracy stemming from the Emmy voting process.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Google’s partnership with the Academy is multi-year, and will provide members with private access to an app and website where content will be able to be pushed to Chromecasts. Of all the innovative way to use Chromecast, this may be one of the more interesting. It looks like Chromecast is here to stay in one form or another for some time to come.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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