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Twitter may backpedal on app token restrictions


There has been quite a lot of controversy surrounding Twitter’s treatment of its third-party developers for a while. The controversy started when Twitter started restricting third-party apps from getting too many users. Once an app reached 100,000 users, no additional people can log in using the app. This causes a lot of issues for devs because it results in people buying the app and not being able to use it, and the hard-working developer’s flow of cash comes to an end.

All of this seems to have been a ploy to get more people to use the original Twitter app, which didn’t work out so well. More and more third-party Twitter apps came along and satiated our thirst for a decent app, something Twitter hasn’t been able to do.

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams has spoken out about this limit, and it seems the company isn’t happy with the results.

(The API was) One of our strategic errors we had to wind down over time. It wasn’t a win/win for developers, users and the company.Evan WilliamsTwitter

No, dissing the developers that bring users to the service isn’t a particularly smart thing to do. But it looks like Twitter might be reversing this decision, as Williams says “Twitter should be more of a platform than it is.” Hopefully third-party Twitter app developers will get the support they need and users will get the apps they love. It’s a win/win for everyone.

Source: Business Insider

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