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Vinsic truly wireless Qi charger on sale for $40


I think we can all agree that wireless charging pads are a positive thing, but as everyone loves pointing out when we review them, they aren’t truly wireless as they have to be plugged in.

Well, the Vinsic Wireless Charger defeats this problem with a 10400 mAh battery built right in that should get you a minimum of three full charges with most smartphones before you have to top off the charging pad/external battery itself.

If you are in a hurry, you can plug your phone into the back of the charger for faster 2.1A output.

The top of the charger has a rubberized texture to hold your phone in place, and on the front of the charger are six lights to indicate battery life and charging status. Around the back of the device you will find a microUSB and standard USB port.

If you’ve been considering picking up a wireless Qi charging pad or an external battery, this is a nice way to kill two birds with one stone. And at $40, you will save yourself a bit of money (along with bulk) versus buying the two separately.

You’ll see the standard price of $49.90 when you click through to Amazon; just add the promo code “OUMVES4P” when you check out to knock $10 off.

Source: Vinsic Qi Wireless Charger

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