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Yahoo debuts Livetext, a new messaging app that combines live video with text conversations

Yahoo LiveText

There are plenty of different messaging applications out there, with even more coming down the pipeline, and now Yahoo is getting into the mix, too.

The company has unveiled Livetext, a brand new way for people to get in touch with folks, but with a bit of a twist to the norm. While some messaging platforms have a focus on video and others, text, Livetext bridges the gap between the two and provides users with a live video of the person they’re talking with, but with the conversation still primarily focused on text entry.

That’s right. With Livetext, there’s a real-time video feed that shows the reactions of what’s being said in text, but there’s no audio. The videos are completely silent, and communication, outside sign language and hand signals, is still left to texting. There’s a video below that shows it all works.

There’s no sharing of video or pictures, and the conversation that you’re having with someone in the moment is all there is. Once you’ve finished, it’ll be deleted.

Livetext is available in Ireland, Taiwan and Hong Kong right now. It’ll be available for Android (and iOS) in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Canada beginning Thursday, July 30.

What do you think of the idea?

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Source: Yahoo

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