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Yet another Motorola discount, lowers price on Nexus 6 and others


Motorola is known for its sales, dropping the price on its main devices many times throughout the year. Whether it’s for holidays or no reason at all, Motorola deals are always a fun time. This time, the Moto X is on a really nice sale.

Motorola has dropped the price of the base Moto X to $299,99, which makes it really tempting considering it’s a pretty high-end device. On top of that, there is a coupon code for other devices. Although this coupon code isn’t your average code and has a funny twist to it.

The latest coupon code is actually an employee code, which is part of a competition to see which employee can get the most people to use their code. The code is “MOTOMAKERTYLER“, and it will get you a pretty good discount! The Moto G 16GB drops $30 and the 32GB model drops $40, while the Nexus 6 32GB will be $479 and the 64GB will be $529. It will also give you 30 percent off accessories!

If you’re interested in buying some Motorola stuff, head over to Moto Maker and get to shopping!

Via: Android Police

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