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ZNAPS is an unintrusive adapter that gives you a magnetic, reversible charger

ZNAPS Kickstarter charger adapter

You have to admit, micro USB isn’t exactly the most intuitive charging method. The cable isn’t reversible, and both sides look very similar so finding the right way to plug it in can be annoying. It’s a minor annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless. Apple’s Lightning connector solves this problem, but what if there was something better?

ZNAPS is a Kickstarter accessory that turns your charger, whether micro USB or Lightning, into a magnetic and reversible charger. It does this by having a tiny connector plug into the phone’s charging port, and an adapter onto the charging cable. Suddenly, you have magnetic charging! And as an added bonus, it keeps gunk, and to a limited extent water, out of your charging port.

The idea is fantastic, but as always Kickstarter is a risk. That being said, this is the first Kickstarter I have personally backed and I’m excited to see it launched! If all goes well, it should ship in December. And thankfully, it’s already fully backed by more than four times the initial goal!

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