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LG G4 camera: for pros and novices alike


In the past few years, the point-and-shoot camera market has taken a big hit. The drop in sales is due almost entirely to consumers replacing dedicated cameras with their smartphones. With a camera always in pocket, it becomes much easier to snap every moment, removing the need to carry around another camera. With more consumers using their smartphones as cameras, the camera tech in smartphones has been forced to evolve rapidly, particularly in flagships. Let’s take a look at how the LG G4 takes care of business in the camera department.

LG has placed a heavy emphasis on the camera in the G4, and after testing it out, the company has good reason to. The LG G4 provides one of the most enjoyable camera experiences that I’ve ever had. It’s fast, accurate and easy to use, making it a perfect smartphone camera.

With its tech specs, we expected the G4 camera to be great. LG has packed the camera with a 16-megapixel 1/2.6″ sensor, f/1.8 aperture, color spectrum sensor, laser autofocus, optical image stabilization and full manual control with the ability to shoot images in RAW format. If you’re not following all that, it translates to mean that on paper, the G4 is ready to pounce on the competition with its camera.

In everyday usage, the G4′s camera is a delight to use. It’s ridiculously fast, removing the frustration that comes with so many other devices. While the camera app itself is fast and the hardware is well-equipped for speed, the laser autofocus is a real boon when time is of the essence. The G4 can grab and lock an extremely accurate focus within a second or two of pointing the device at a subject.

Speaking of accuracy, LG has perfected it with the camera in the G4. Colors, white balance, focus, etc. Everything about the camera is honed to perfection and it makes it a joy to use. While manual controls are available, it’s often just as good to use the auto settings because of how well everything is calibrated.

The G4 does an incredible job of compensating for tough lighting situations. Even in intensely bright sunlight, it still manages to pull out rich detail and color, while preventing the image from becoming washed out. LG has thrown in an extremely snappy auto HDR function that allows the G4 to easily navigate backlit photos and varying levels of light. Getting into lower light situations is just as good of an experience, with the G4 managing to capture more light than any of its competitors. In low light, you also get the benefit of the laser autofocus, which finds and maintains a better focus than any other smartphone, and it’s particularly noticeable in the dark.

All in all, the LG G4 provides the best camera experience that I’ve ever found in a smartphone. From a company that used to be laughed at for its cameras, LG has progressed leaps and bounds to even beat out Apple in the smartphone camera game. Hands down, the LG G4 is the best option if your smartphone’s camera is important to you. It will take your expectations and exceed them, giving you an experience that can’t be matched.

Two very solid thumbs up.

Check out samples in the gallery below. Do note that site compression has lowered the quality, so you can alternatively follow this link to a Flickr album with all of the photos in full quality.

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