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Soundfreaq Sound Kick 2 Bluetooth speaker review

Soundfreaq Sound Kick 2 1

The Soundfreaq Sound Kick was my first ever Bluetooth speaker. It started my obsession with Bluetooth audio, and I don’t use the word obsession lightly. I love Bluetooth speakers and it’s all attributed to the Sound Kick. So when I heard that the successor to the speaker was being released, I got very excited.

The Sound Kick 2 was designed for a much wider range of uses compared to the original, since so many people were using the original everywhere from the home to the outdoors. The Sound Kick 2 is more rugged, more compact, water resistant, and louder with better battery life. But can it live up to the uniqueness of the original?


Price: $99.99
Battery: 8 hours
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, 3.5mm aux
Extras: USB charging port, kickstand, IPX4 splash proof
Dimensions: 10.5 x 4.2 x 1.5 inches (W x H x T)
Charging port: Proprietary
Where to buy: Soundfreaq

The Sound Kick 2 was designed to be better than the original in every way. Every decision, from getting rid of the bass chamber to changing the materials, has made this a better speaker. With the design elements taken from the much loved Pocket Kick, it also looks pretty spiffy.

The front is one solid metal grill, only interrupted by the Soundfreaq logo. I’m kinda sad to see that the LED strip from the predecessor is gone.

Soundfreaq Sound Kick 2 2

The top has the Soundfreaq text as well as six buttons. The back/forward buttons are always an appreciated touch, allowing you to control your music from a distance. Then there are the standard play/pause, volume up and down, and EQ buttons.

Soundfreaq Sound Kick 2 3

On the right you’ll find a power button and indicator light, a Bluetooth pairing button (which makes this speaker dead easy to pair, unlike some others), and an aux port under a water resistant cover. There are also strap holes, as well as one on the left side.

Soundfreaq Sound Kick 2 4

The back has another water resistant flap, this one for the proprietary charger port and full size USB port for charging your devices. There’s also the kickstand, a feature I love. Who needs sound hitting your abdomen when you can point it at your ears?

Build quality

The Sound Kick 2 has been refined to an amazing degree compared to the original. The Sound Kick was built very well, but had rough edges and a blocky appearance. Everything about the Sound Kick 2 is just better. The edges are rounded, the metal grill is smooth around the edges, the plastic used for the edges is far more solid and doesn’t feel hollow when you hit it, and the big moving chamber on the back is a thing of the past.

Every material used feels premium, and the way it’s put together screams quality. It has a great weight without being heavy, nothing bends or creaks, and the kickstand has a strong force that’s dampened by soft touch material. Even the thunk it makes when it closes feels good.

My only complaint is the set of rubber flaps. They don’t feel like they’ll rip at all, but they could have been slightly beefier. Otherwise, this thing is impeccably built.

Sound quality

First of all, this speaker gets loud. It’s seriously freaking loud, and I don’t think you’ll ever be left wanting more volume. It fills living rooms with ease, being too loud to talk over. And even at the loudest volumes, the sound quality is pretty good with all but the most complicated music.

Now about sound quality. Up until the last few levels of volume, the sound is very clear. It’s a very good sounding speaker, producing all the highs and lows you want. I like that it goes louder than the limit for clarity, which allows for better outdoor use. If you want perfectly clear sound, hit the volume down button a few times.

I do feel like this speaker is a bit biased towards the highs. The sound isn’t shrill by any means, but it could be a bit warmer. The equalizer helps a lot, but it’s still a little bit high. Your phone’s equalizer can make quick work of that though.

On the topic of equalizers, most people know I dislike them. Most speaker’s equalizers remain unused in my household. But the UQ3 preset actually improves the sound quite a bit, making it deeper, warmer, and more powerful. It’s basically an equalizer with the lows turned up and the highs balanced out, but it’s really a big improvement over using no equalizer. I keep it permanently on and it’s a very valuable addition.

Battery Life

Battery life was upped from 7 hours to 8. But the previous speaker played at a reduced volume when it was off the charger, while the new one plays much louder at full volume. So the increase in battery life is even better.

With this increase comes more capacity to charge your device. There is a full size USB port on the back to charge your phone or tablet while playing music. It’s a very nice touch for travel!

My only complaint is that the charger is proprietary. It’s not micro USB like most speakers of a smaller size, though I’ve come to expect proprietary chargers from bigger speakers.

Soundfreaq Sound Kick 29 / 10

Soundfreaq Sound Kick 2 5

The Soundfreaq Sound Kick 2 improves upon its predecessor in every single way, without compromise or downsides. Well, if you don’t count the disappearance of the LED strip. Everything from the battery life, the build quality, the sound, and even the aesthetic is better, much better than before.

The Sound Kick 2 takes everything that customers found lacking in the original and improves upon it. It’s far more rugged for the outdoors type of people, it’s classier looking to fit in with your home decor, and there’s no collapsing chamber to stop the music when it’s closed. If you want a good all around speaker for home, travel, and everything in between, this is it. It’s the kind of speaker that can do it all.

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