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Google Creative Labs spawns three new apps that sure are creative

Google Creative Labs Landmarker

Google Creative Labs isn’t often in the news, but the latest product from the labs is a trio of apps that’s not easy to describe. But they sure are interesting, so you should check them out!

The first is Landmarker, which is a very simple app that uses your accelerometer to show you landmarks and the distances to those landmarks, all on a plain black and white text screen with a simple compass at the bottom. It’s not exactly super useful, but you can always click the landmark and have it open in Google Maps.

Play Store: Landmarker

Google Creative Labs Tunnel Vision

The second is called Tunnel Vision, and it just offers visual filters over recorded video. But these filters aren’t static, they also take advantage of the accelerometer like Landmarker does.

Play Store: Tunnel Vision

Google Creative Labs Lip Swap

The last one is Lip Swap, and it’s a very weird one. It allows you to insert your lips (or any facial feature) into a photo of someone else. It’s simple, but I guess it can be fun.

Play Store: Lip Swap

All three apps are free, so check them out!

Via: Android Police

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