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7 unique Qi wireless charging accessories everyone should own


When shopping for a new phone, processor, screen size, battery life and camera quality are typically the most important specs to consider, but there are many who would argue that wireless charging should make the list as well. There are a handful of competing wireless charging standards, but Qi is currently leading the charge. Most flagship smartphones in 2015 come with Qi compatibility or are built so that users can add Qi charging to the device by purchasing a replaceable back panel or adding in a Qi wireless receiver module.

Wireless charging is currently slower than using the microUSB plug to charge your phone. That being said, we find that it’s a lot more convenient to set your phone down on a wireless charging pad and have the phone charge automatically rather than remembering to plug it in every time you sit down at your desk, get in the car or get into bed at night. But what if you don’t want another “thing” on your desk? Fortunately, there are hundreds of Qi wireless chargers on the market, and many of them come with unique features that make them a lot more useful than a standalone charger.

If your phone does not have Qi wireless charging, we recommend checking out this post to learn how you can add wireless charging to any Android phone for roughly $10. Alternatively, you can read our must-have Quick Charge accessories post if you’re looking for the quickest way to charge your smartphone or tablet.


Nokia MD-100W JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker

Back in the day when Nokia was still a smartphone maker, the company made Qi wireless charging a standard feature for its flagship phones. In an effort to make the standard more appealing for consumers, Nokia partnered with JBL to release a Bluetooth speaker with Qi integration. The Nokia MD-100W JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker was originally priced at $300 when it went on sale a few years back, but you can now pick one up for as little as $65.


Samsung SE370 Display with Qi

Don’t let the above image deceive you, the Samsung SE370 is an incredible display for your desktop computer. But it also doubles as Qi wireless charging stand for your smartphone. Available in 23.6 and 27-inch variants, the Samsung SE370 may the first of many new desktop displays to incorporate wireless charging solutions to help declutter your desk.


Arrela® Phantom Qi Wireless Desktop Charger LED lamp

The perfect desk setup is never complete without a lamp. While there are thousands of desk lamp options, the Arrella Phantom LED lamp offers adjustable lighting, integrated Qi wireless charging and an additional USB port to keep your tablet or secondary smartphone topped off at all times.


NEOpine clock, Bluetooth speaker and Qi wireless charger

Let’s be honest: You probably haven’t had an alarm clock on your night stand since you purchased your first cell phone back in 2001. Fortunately, the NEOpine is a lot more than just an alarm clock. In addition to a digital clock and thermometer, the NEOpine is a Bluetooth speaker (with NFC integration for easy pairing) with Qi wireless charging built in to its top to charge your phone overnight without the hassle of pesky USB cables.


Qifull Qt80 Qi Wireless Charging Pad 7000mah Power Bank

With more and more smartphone markers opting to build phones without removable batteries, external power banks are the new must-have accessory for power users. Any old power bank could charge your phone with a USB cable, but the Qifull Qt80 also comes with Qi wireless charging so that you can ditch the cable when you’re sitting at your desk or at the coffee shop.


Vinsic Qi Wireless Charger & 10400mAh External Battery Power Bank

The Vinsic Qi Wireless Charger may look like your standard Qi charger, but like the Qifull Qt80, it incorporates an internal battery pack to keep you charged up while on the go. The wedge design may be a bit awkward to carry around in your bag, but that’s a small price to pay for the 10,400mAh battery that stores enough power to keep your phone charged for 3-4 days.


Forrader C3 Qi wireless charger Car Cup Holder

If you own a car, there’s a good chance that you own a car charger for you phone. There are quite a few chargers that mount your phone on your dashboard so that it can be used for navigation, but you’re looking for a distraction-free charging solution that keeps your phone safe, you should definitely check out the Forrader C3 Qi wireless charger Car Cup Holder.

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