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BlackBerry Passport with Android Lollipop on board shown off on video

BlackBerry Passport with Android

While the BlackBerry-branded Venice has been making the rounds as of late, it’s apparently not the only BlackBerry device to be installed with Google’s mobile operating system.

According to a new video published by Dudu Rocha Tec., there’s a BlackBerry Passport out there in the wild that’s running Android. And, to be specific, it’s an Android Lollipop build that looks relatively untouched by proprietary software. It’s pretty clear in the video that the Passport in question is a prototype unit, thanks to all the blurring of the owner’s information, but it’s working well enough in the video.

The keyboard trackpad works, too, which would help any future Passport-with-Android owners scroll through pages easily enough.

Whether or not BlackBerry will ever launch a Passport with Android installed is anyone’s guess at this point, but considering how much attention the Venice has been getting lately, it doesn’t seem completely impossible.

The question is: Would you buy a Passport running Android?

Via: Engadget

Source: Dude rocha Tech.

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