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Dell introduces the Chromebook 13, a better Chromebook

Dell Chromebook 13 (2)

Chromebooks are an interesting breed that’s had trouble hitting the sweet spot of affordability and quality. The spectrum is extreme, with a number of budget Chromebooks on the left side and the incredibly high-quality and budget-breaking Chromebook Pixel on the right side. Dell, however, is aiming for a good middle ground with its latest entrant, the Dell Chromebook 13.

Starting from the design, the Dell Chromebook 13 stands out from the crowd with a carbon fiber top panel and aluminum on the underside. Opening it up reveals a classy glass trackpad centered in a palm rest crafted of magnesium alloy, all settled beneath a backlit keyboard. From the very basics, the Dell Chromebook 13 stands out from the crowd.

Specs-wise, you’ll find a 13-inch 1080p matte IPS display that’s reportedly crisp and clear, unlike many other matte displays on the market. The basic model will also bring a 1.5GHz Intel Celeron processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, 12-hour battery life and a boot time of just six seconds. All of that will come with an affordable price tag of $399.

Dell Chromebook 13

If that doesn’t sound premium to you, worry not. Dell is offering customization of the specs on the Chromebook 13, with options all the way up to an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. If you’d like, you can even choose to have a touchscreen with Gorilla Glass overtop. That gives pricing options ranging from the basic $399 model all the way up to a high-end, fully-specced $899 model.

That top-range model isn’t cheap, but it still costs less than the Chromebook Pixel and offers plenty of features for serious customers. Dell is targeting online workers with the Chromebook 13, which shows through in its software additions. You’ll be able to find high-security VPN software and even a remote workspace program to access Windows machines all integrated into the software via collaboration between Dell and Google.

With the Chromebook 13, Dell could have a winner on its hands. It likely won’t break any sales records, but it’s not intending to. Instead, Dell is targeting an audience that hasn’t been sought after by previous Chromebooks. With that goal in mind, the Chromebook 13 will succeed.

Dell Chromebook 13 Dell Chromebook 13 (2) Dell Chromebook 13 (4) Dell Chromebook 13 (3)

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Source: Dell

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