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Falcon Pro developer Joaquim Vergès joining Twitter to work on its Android app


There’s some big news today involving Twitter, and for once, it’s good!

Joaquim Vergès, developer of Twitter app Falcon Pro and other Android apps, has announced that he’s joining Twitter as part of the Android core UI group. Vergès explains that he’s gotten tired of all of the limitations that Twitter places on third-party developers, adding that he wants to “make a killer official app with full API and a modern UI.”

As for Falcon Pro, Vergès says that the app will stay with him. It sounds like he plans to continue working on it, too, explaining that “it’ll be a great place to try new experiments without the slowness of a big company.”

Vergès has done great work on Android, with Falcon Pro being one of the best Twitter apps available on the platform. However, Twitter’s harsh restrictions have had ill effects on Vergès and other developers, including limiting the number of user tokens that an app can have. What makes those restrictions worse is that Twitter’s official app is inferior to third-party offerings. With Vergès joining the Twitter team, though, it’ll definitely be interesting to see what happens with it in the future. And what’s more, Falcon Pro will stick around as a place for Vergès to experiment with, so it’s probably worth keeping it installed if you’ve already got it.

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