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Google Play to potentially get affiliate program


If you’ve been waiting for the Play Store to get an affiliate program, you’re in luck. It seems that Google is working on one with Performance Horizon Group, who’s supported Apple’s affiliate program since 2013.

When 9to5Google reached out to the company, it responded with a Google email address for the new Google Play affiliate program, as well as referring to it by name, though Google would not confirm its existence. It’s likely in its infancy, so no real information can be given as it may change anytime.

This should be very good for developers and other users, though the source says the program will initially only cover music and movies. Eventually it will reach all other content, though, and I think apps will be the most cared for out of all the products sold on Google Play. Devices may also be supported someday! But again, things are still up in the air for now.

Source: 9to5 Google

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