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Google teases Android M dessert in new video


As is par for the course, the next version of Android — known right now only as “Android M” — will be given a (usually) delicious dessert name. In the past, that’s included Ice Cream Sandwich, Eclair, Donut, KitKat, and, most recently, Lollipop.

A changing of the dessert guard is almost upon us, though, and now Google is making sure that everyone keeping an eye out for the next dessert stay interested: They’ve released a new music video to tease what the next iteration of Android will be called. The video goes over what’s come before, but unfortunately doesn’t actually drop any hints as to what M will be called.

As far as possibilities go? Well, Google’s own video suggests things like Milkshake, M&M, Mocha, Moon Pie, and Malt Ball. Considering Google isn’t afraid to use a name brand for its branding, M&M is certainly a strong possibility.

What M dessert do you hope/think Google will choose?

Source: @Android

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