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How to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy S6 for free


The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the best smartphone Samsung has made in years. It’s as simple as that. The phone is jam-packed with the best components currently available, making it the must-have smartphone of the year (sorry Apple). And for those who wanted something with a bit more style, Samsung also introduced the Galaxy S6 edge, which features a curved display that seamlessly fades into the side of the phone.  It seems the only blemish on this year’s flagship smartphone from Samsung is poor battery life, but that’s easily solved with an external battery pack or a Qi wireless charger.

While the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge can be purchased with unlocked SIM slots, anyone who has purchased either of the phones most likely bought a locked phone from a service provider. If that’s you, you will need to SIM unlock your Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge if you are planning on switching service providers or want to use a local SIM card while traveling overseas. While you can buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 SIM unlock code from Android SIM Unlock or other third-party SIM unlocking services, we always recommend trying the free option below. As crazy as it sounds, US service providers will often give you a SIM unlock code for your phone for free as long as your account is in good standing and you get the right person on the line.

Note: If you own a T-Mobile-branded Samsung Galaxy S6, Android SIM Unlock offers an unlock service using the Device Unlock app, even if T-Mobile states that the phone is not eligible for unlocking.


Request your Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge SIM unlock code from your service provider

  • Open the phone app and dial #06# to locate your phone’s IMEI number
  • Write down your IMEI number
  • Call your carrier’s customer service number and request the SIM unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy S6
  • You may need to state that you plan to us a local service while traveling overseas
  • Provide your Galaxy S6 IMEI number to the customer service rep to process the sim unlock request
  • Your service provider will typically email you the SIM unlock code in 1-3 days

SIM unlock your Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge

  • Remove the SIM tray on the side of the phone with the SIM tool
  • Replace the SIM card with one from another service provider
  • When prompted, enter the SIM unlock code you received from your service provider
  • Your Samsung Galaxy S6 is now SIM unlocked!

If you’re service provider isn’t willing to give up the SIM unlock code for free, you will need to buy the code for your Samsung galaxy S6 from a third-party service. Android SIM Unlock  and most other services can find the unlock code for your phone in 1-2 days and offer a money back guarantee if the code doesn’t work or cannot be found. 

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