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HTC One M8 will have to wait to see Sense 7 with Android M

HTC One (M8) (4)

HTC One M8 users, we have some bad news for you today. If you were hoping to land an update to Sense 7 to hold you over until Android M becomes available presumably sometime later this year, you’re out of luck.

According to HTC’s Mo Versi, Sense 7 on the HTC One M8 will be tied directly to Android M. Despite originally being promised in August, it looks like M8 owners will have to wait awhile. Currently, the HTC One M9 runs Sense 7 and Android 5.1. The update to Android 5.1 includes security enhancements and battery improvements, something One M8 owners will simply have to do without for now.

At a time when HTC is very publicly struggling, what fans the company has left are probably feeling pretty burned right about now. We don’t blame ya. Feel free to let it out in the comments below.

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