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HTC’s next flagship may be named the O2


HTC hasn’t exactly been innovating much in the last few years. Its flagship devices have been great, but the last three have featured the same name, the same exterior styling, and the same specs as every other flagship. It seems that HTC might know that it needs to freshen the brand up a bit, as it’s rumored that the next flagship will be called the HTC O2.

Along with a new name, hopefully we’ll be seeing a new design that will entice people to buy HTC devices again. Inside it’s rumored to sport a quad-core Snapdragon 820, which opts for four cores made with Samsung’s FinFET 14nm process instead of the more conventional eight cores. With that there will be 4GB of RAM.

The name definitely isn’t a bad one, though it might cause confusion wherever the carrier O2 operates. Maybe a better name should be considered. But at least HTC is changing things up. What do you think of this development? Leave a comment!

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Source: Xiaomi Today

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