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Huawei launches the Honor 7i with a 13MP swiveling camera

Huawei Honor 7i official

If you like selfies as much as Huawei does, then the manufacturer would like to introduce you to a brand new smartphone.

It’s called the Honor 7i, and it’s available right now in China. While the Honor 7i looks like a familiar device at face value, there’s a feature that might make some selfie-lovers, well, flip. Instead of including two separate cameras in their newest smartphone, Huawei decided to go with a camera that swivels, similar in idea to the Oppo N1. This camera actually extends a bit up from the top of the device when it’s swiveled to the front, though, as showcased in the image within this post.

The camera is a 13MP shooter with a f/2.0 aperture and a 28mm wide angle lens. There’s a dual-tone flash that’s installed on the swiveling part of the camera as well, so those selfies will have plenty of light enhancements when the time calls for it.

Another noteworthy feature: There’s a fingerprint sensor, but Huawei actually put it on the side of the handset, something quite different from other companies out there.

The Honor 7i includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 processor under the hood, and the display is a 5.2-inch 1080p HD panel. There are two models: a 16GB variant with 2GB of RAM, or a 32GB model with 3GB of RAM. Both come with a battery measured in at 3100mAh. It comes in silver or gold, and prices start at $250. It’s available right now in China, but there’s no mention on whether or not it will ever launch in other markets.

What do you think of the Honor 7i?

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