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Huawei Nexus ‘Angler’ prototype with a fingerprint reader may have leaked in new video

Huawei Angler leak

Rumors of there being more than one Nexus-branded smartphone in any given year are not all that surprising anymore, so when stories surfaced that LG and Huawei had been tapped to create a Nexus smartphone for 2015, the echo chamber took over.

Since then, rumored specifications for the Huawei Nexus have managed to find their way online (and they certainly sound impressive enough), and even more talks about what a Huawei Nexus might look like and feature. That train continues rolling as a new video has been published by Steve Hemmerstoffer (@onleaks) that reportedly features the Huawei “Angler,” which is reportedly the codename for the upcoming Nexus smartphone.

The video is short, but there’s enough there to catch someone’s attention at least. We can see a relatively large circular camera, as well as a pill-shaped flash next to it. Below the camera a shape that could indicate a fingerprint reader is also clearly visible. If the video is any indication, then the power/lock button is on the side of the handset, too.

Any other details that might be floating around out there aren’t revealed by the photo, but at least for now it’s a pretty straightforward look at the back of the device that could very well be (one of) the next Nexus-branded smartphone. Based on what you see here, and with rumors that it could boast a 5.7-inch display, is the Huawei Nexus something you hope comes to life?

Source: YouTube

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