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LG Watch Urbane Luxe has a gold case and a $1200 price tag


LG has been a big supporter of the Android Wear platform, having released several different smartwatches to date. Now LG has introduced a new, luxury version of the LG Watch Urbane that’s the most expensive Android Wear device yet.

The LG Watch Urbane Luxe is a luxury version of the Watch Urbane that’s got case made of 23-karat gold and an alligator leather band. The device, which LG touts as being “designed with a specific wearer in mind,” will cost $1200 when it launches at the end of October. It’ll be available for pre-order at and Reeds Jewelry stores.


LG says that there will be 500 units of the Watch Urbane Luxe made. Each will be engraved with its serial number to ensure authenticity.

While the Watch Urbane Luxe appears to be similar to the Watch Urbane in terms of specs, its gold case and alligator leather band could make it more appealing to folks that want a more jewelry-like smartwatch. The limited edition aspect ought to help make this luxury smartwatch even more appealing to the “specific wearer” that LG is targeting.


Source: LG

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