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Microsoft officially releases Cortana for Android beta

Cortana for Android

Better late than never, right? While Microsoft had initially been aiming for a late June launch, and then announced Cortana would be making an appearance in beta form for Android sometime by the end of July, both of those launch windows were missed.

But now Microsoft is back, and it’s actually bringing with it an official beta launch. Cortana for Android is officially available via the Play Store right now, and it’s a free install for anyone that wants to give it a go. With Cortana, users will be able to replace Google Now as the digital personal assistant available by long-pressing the Android home button on their device, which should be good for easy integration and access to Microsoft’s creation.

There are some noteworthy changes, though. First, Cortana for Android won’t boast the “Hey, Cortana” feature likeĀ it does on Windows devices. However, the beta should work mostly the same as the Windows version, with Android users able to access the digital notebook that Cortana uses to keep track of likes, interests and other important pieces of information.

Cortana for Android is available right now. Who’s going to give it a shot?

Via: The Windows Blog

Source: Cortana for Android (Play Store)

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