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Moto X Pure Edition Moto Maker options detailed


Are you looking forward to the new Moto X Pure Edition? I’m personally waiting with money in hand. Buying it is the easy part come September, but figuring out how you want it customized will be tough. As with previous models, it will come with Moto Maker customizations so you can create your own unique device.

Thankfully, the options have been leaked in a neat infographic. The accents and frame are going to be anodized metal, with different colors available. The front lens will be black or white as usual. And the rear will have plenty of options, like leather, wood, and CSR patterns. I’m pretty excited about the charcoal ash wood option; it seems like it’ll be really nice.

When the device launches, how are you going to build yours? Let us know your choice in materials in the comments!

Via: Droid-Life

Source: @P3Droid

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