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Motorola accidentally outs the Moto 360 2015 yet again


If you cast your memory back to March, we caught a glimpse of some revamped Moto 360 hardware courtesy of the CEO of Lenovo. The images weren’t great, but they were clearly showing new hardware as they featured a relocated hardware button, visible lugs on the watch and two distinct sizes.

Since then things have been notably silent on the 2015 Moto 360 front, despite refreshes to the smartphone lineup as well as a quietly updated Moto Hint. While we are still waiting on the official unveil, the Motorola Twitter account slipped up earlier today and posted a brief ad that featured a Moto 360 that matches the revised hardware we saw back in March. This time it was a render rather than real hardware, but the placement of the hardware button and the lugs match up exactly, so I would not take any bets on the new Moto 360 looking different than this render.


The one aspect that I would possibly still hold out hope for a change on is the return of the black bar/flat tire. This is a render, so the screen specifically could be wrong, but I’m not laying down any money on it being gone.

The 360 was the first Android Wear watch to garner a lot of positive attention for its looks, so what do you think of the changes for 2015? Are they still setting the standard or are your eyes drifting elsewhere?

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